These Are The Stones 2012

Sound and digital film

Working with opera singer, Peter Grevatt and members of the artist Kent Association for the Blind, The most likely tune for Hymn 136 from the Jezreelite hymn book was researched, and a group of visually impaired people learnt to sing the hymn, which was then heard for the first time in the last hundred years. The lyric of the hymn refers to the stones of the city of Jerusalem in the Book of Revelations. It is proposed to perform the hymn live, standing on the lost stones of the Jezreelite Temple in the space below the M2 motorway bridge on the River Medway. The sound piece was exhibited, accompanied by an animated film of the crystal structures of stone.

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The text of the hymn written in braile

One of forty stone crystal images made for the film.

Stone crystal image.

The Jezreelite Hymn Book of 1888, open at the page of Hymn 136.